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For anyone and everyone!

Private lessons are a great way for us to provide one-on-one attention to our students.

Like the Ballroom competitions we attend already, students are able to enter solo/duo stage competitions and drama festivals, allowing our students to compete on the national circuit. 

Styles we offer private lessons in:

  • Acting (Speech and Drama)

  • Musical Theatre (Singing)

  • Ballroom & Latin

  • Contemporary

  • Lyrical

  • Jazz

  • Commercial

Whether you would like to look at the competitive route or just to increase your own skill set, please speak to a teacher about a private lesson.


Prices vary depending on the style and the member of our teaching team that will take the lesson; but half hour lessons usually start from £12.50

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frequently asked questions

Do I have to have a private lesson every week?

No, but we would certainly recommend at least half an hour a week, but you can choose every fortnight (2 weeks) instead of weekly.

Can I share my private lesson with a friend?

Yes, private lessons can be for up to 2 people. 

Do I have to do competitions?

No, you can do this just to build you own skill set or learn a brand new style. For example, performing arts colleges are now asking to see a lot more ballroom and latin. 

Will competitions be regular?

We look to compete once every 1-2 months. Sometimes more, sometimes less!

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