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ballroom & latin

For students aged 3 - 93!

Ballroom & Latin American classes have recieved a new surge in popularity thanks to programmes like Strictly Come Dancing, So You Think You Can Dance and Baby Ballroom.

In 1932, NATD member; Edgar Newton conceived the idea of 'Medal Tests'.

A progressive series of practical examinations for amateurs, with successful candidates receiving an award. They have now become the basis for the most successful school training programmes all over the world and Colebrooke is no exception.

We have an extensive range of classes available in all age groups – Under 8’s, Juvenile, Juniors and Adults. Our classes are tailored to the respective age group and ability they are working at. 

On top of classes, private lessons are a great way to recieve 1 on 1 attention if you are wanting to progress further. Regular competitions are available at Colebrooke Productions and we have a seperate competition class if you are interested in this.

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